And the Macki goes to...

This year has had more than its fair share of challenges to overcome, and we were happy to see Team Mackin rise to the occasion.

Traditionally in the staffing industry, you don’t always see these types of awards given to client site-based employees, but each year our employees continue to amaze and humble us with their contributions to our clients' missions, as well as their involvement in their community. This kind of work should be both acknowledged and rewarded and this year we decided to start a tradition of recognizing the amazing contributions of our employees, both internally and externally, across the globe! 

The Mackin Employee Awards were designed to recognize employee contributions across the organization, in three categories:

  • Impact - made a substantial impact to the company, the client or their community
  • Innovation - created, implemented or performed beyond expectations in their work
  • Values - personifies the Mackin values in everything they do

The submissions we received made us excessively proud of our employees. From those literally saving lives through volunteering in their community, to those implementing culture changing programs recognizing diversity and inclusion at the highest level, the impact of each and every one of these award winners was felt across the company, and across our client’s sites.

A summary of each of the award winners and their achievements is listed below. Join us in congratulating these outstanding individuals and their contributions in a year that needed it more than ever before!

  • 2020 mackin awards impact.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_07.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_09.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_11.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_13.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_14.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_16.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_innovation.png
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  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_20.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_22.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_23.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_25.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_27.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_29.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_31.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_values.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_34.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_36.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_38.png
  • 2020 mackin awards.png
  • 2020 mackin awards_Page_42.png
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