• Placing World-Class Talent

    Placing World-Class Talent

  • Talent Across the Globe

    Across the Globe

  • Remote, Contract & Direct Hire Talent Staffing

    Remote, Contract & Direct Hire


Providing everything from an agile recruitment strategy to vendor managed SOWs. Mackin can help streamline your talent program.


Find your next top performer

with Mackin's Virtual Bench.

A world of curated talent  featuring both onsite and remote workers.



Attract and hire highly skilled, senior-leadership employees to your company. We have the resources to find the right candidate.



Streamline your team, talent and deliverables. Identify gaps, hire smart and leverage contingent workers as needed. Recession proof your team. We can help.

What are your
hiring priorities?

We may not be the biggest in the industry,

but that comes with an advantage larger companies can't offer:

the ability to customize our services to your unique business needs.  

Additional Custom Solutions

Onsite Recruitment & Sourcing

The problem with most recruitment/staffing companies is they don't understand your business or needs so they don't always send the right candidates. The result, a lot of wasted time and effort. Mackin's approach is different, effective and guaranteed.

Talent Retention


We are not only experts in Talent Acquisition, but also experts in Talent Retention. We help companies to design and optimize their talent practices, that engage and motivate their employees, and drive them towards deeper commitment and elevated performance.

Learning and Development


Employees list investment in their career development as a top reason for staying at a company. What classes or training do you have in place to help grow, nurture and inspire your employees? We can help get the right type of plan in place.

At Mackin our #1 Value is Relationships Matter


That's not just a statement, at Mackin it is at the core of everything we do.

We are focused on providing tailored solutions for both Clients and Job-Seekers

that establishes a relationship built on trust, performance and transparency.

Why Choose Mackin?

Mackin is an international consulting business that is challenging businesses to rethink how they build and grow their workforce. Mackin works with companies of all sizes from global big tech firms to local start-ups and develops customized programs to meet business needs and achieve objectives.

Mackin Company Values

Our Values

We are working to change both the experience and the perception of the contingent workforce industry by putting our relationships with both clients and employees at the forefront of every decision we make.

Competitive Staffing Rates

Very Competitive Rates

Not only are our rates lower than most of our competitors, but we also provide employees with added benefits such as additional PTO, paid holidays and paid volunteer hours that encourage them to give back.

Flexible Talent Programs

Flexible & Focused

Being a smaller firm we have the flexibility to truly customize a solution that fits your needs as well as the ability to expand that solution as your company grows. One company, multiple solutions, unlimited growth opportunity.

Honest and Dependable

Honest and Dependable

Andy Mackin, our CEO, has a mantra, "We don’t promise what we can’t deliver but we deliver what we promise.” He holds all of us accountable for that statement and it shows.

Diligent and Thorough

Diligent & Thorough

We work hard at finding the best talent for your team and we do our due diligence to find that placement through several resources. We source, interview and run detailed background checks.

The Mackin Culture

The Mackin Culture

We provide a fun and inclusive team environment for both
on-site and remote employees to interact, network and be part of the Mackin team. 



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