Recent layoffs have you rethinking being an FTE? You aren't the only one. We recently sat down with United Business Journal and discussed the shift in thinking we are seeing in the market. It's not a bad time to think about contingent work. In an unstable market, it can in fact be more stable than traditional FTE options.

The annual Mackin Awards is a big part of our company culture. These awards recognize our employees across the globe for the hard work they put in to making our clients happy. They are nominated by their peers and this year we had a record number of nominations with many people nominated for multiple awards. Join us in congratulating the 2022 Mackin Award winners.

In times of economic uncertainty, usually a freeze on hiring is the first action, followed by layoffs and budget cuts. Talk about starting a panic and scaring employees. Why do companies do this? Mackin wants to offer another option and that includes proactive planning in how and when you hire.