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The Mackin Difference

Revolutionizing the Talent Industry

When the decision was made to enter the Staffing/Talent Industry, we took time to do our research. When working alongside contractors at several big companies we heard a lot of negative conversations about the staffing firms they worked with. We wanted to understand where this was coming from so we could fix it and be a different type of Talent Company. That's how Mackin Talent was born.

We took the top frustrations of contingent workers, start-up founders and hiring managers, then came up with new ideas to help resolve those frustrations and provide solutions that work.

Check out our Services page to learn more about Mackin's Talent Solutions and how they can help revolutionize your business too!

Our Values

  • Relationships Matter
  • Be honest, respectful and show integrity
  • Create sustainable solutions through innovation and flexibility
  • Encourage growth through leadership, learning and accountability
  • When in doubt “hug it out” by providing resolution through understanding, collaboration and open communication
  • Deliver excellence on a global scale
  • Be transparent

Relationships Matter Most


One of our most important values is Relationships Matter.

That's not just a statement, at Mackin it is at the core of everything we do.

We value our relationships with our Clients just as much as we do our relationships with our Employees. We are all part of one team, and to Mackin that means family.


Mackin goes the extra mile to provide the highest quality of service, benefits and support at every level. This includes a full range of services to meet client needs, some of the best employee benefits in the market and on-site support with a proactive approach to employee management and performance. 

Meet Our Team

HR Team and Engagement Team 


Ashley Akerberg

Engagement & HR Manager

Fernanda Amaya

Senior Engagement Specialist

Olivia Henry

Engagement Specialist

Cassie Stiles

Onboarding & Jr. Engagement Specialist

Glorian Roberts

Engagement Specialist

Tracie Washington

HR Administrator

Taryn Tonozzi

Engagement Specialist

Talent Acquisition Team

Laura Santoro

Talent Acquisition Specialist 

US & Canada

Megan Harley

Talent Acquisition Specialist

US & Canada

Heather Martinez

Executive Assistant

US & Canada

Ali Walsh

Talent Acquisition Specialist 

US & Canada

Mayra Bledsoe

Talent Acquisition Specialist 

US, Canada & Latin America

Holli Black

Talent Acquisition Team Lead


Palak Sharma

Talent Acquisition Specialist 


Finance & Office Management

Claire Goulding

Global Office & Accounts Manager

Brandy Blanton

US Accounts Administrator


Holli Black 

Business & Operations Manager EMEA & APAC

Ashley Akerberg

HR/L&D Manager North America

Robby Houston

Operations Manager North America

Global Leadership Team

                             Fiona Donnelly

                                 Chief Operations Officer

Andy Mackin

Chief Executive Officer