How a Plant-Based Theory Offers a Different Perspective on Career Development

As part of the Human Resources team at Mackin, I’m constantly reading articles about policy changes, employee benefits and other things co-workers share that help us build a culture of growth and development for our employees. Recently someone shared this article with me and it intrigued me. Not only as a HR Lead, but also as an educator and avid home gardner. 


Repotting is the process of  taking the core plant and introducing it to a new environment, like a bigger pot, as a way to encourage additional growth. I experienced  this first-hand in the new shoots and stems reaching out of a batch of house plants I repotted a month ago. As a champion of professional learning and growth, I know that people, like plants, respond to new environments too, so this “repotting theory” is an interesting way to look at career development.



We all know what it feels like to be root-bound, to have the energy and capacity to stretch, but be limited by our environment. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shares that the current average tenure with a company is around four years, across age demographics. For workers ages 25-34, it’s 2.8 years. Why are workers moving so much? Sure, pursuit of increased benefits and compensation is a part of the motivation. Another central aspect is an individual’s desire to grow and seek out new experiences. When people reach the limits of their roles, just like plants in restrictive pots, they need a new place to be. 


Candidates often cite job security as a main concern about roles with Mackin and other staffing solutions companies. Workers worry that contingent worker positions are temporary and potentially less stable than full-time employee (FTE) roles. However, if we think about positions from the “repotting theory” perspective where a worker is likely to spend just a few years in a position anyway, that concern has less weight. 


It's all about Perspective:

We always challenge our employees to take a different perspective for the roles we place and encourage them to think about it like this: 

  • Contingent roles open up a variety of opportunities which can inspire their  professional growth in new ways and in new areas. 
  • The roles provide access to positions with sought-after companies that are hard to get into on an FTE basis. 
  • An opportunity to explore a new field and add to their resume by working with some of the most cutting edge technology on the market.
  • Ability to increase their network with some of the top players in the industry.

There are real benefits in partnering with a staffing solutions company like Mackin. We are always recruiting for a variety of positions so, if after one assignment you want to try out a new placement, you can transplant pots, so to say, and stay with Mackin but still benefit by exploring a new role with new opportunities.; We have many connections and placements across sectors, clients and teams. We can help get your foot in the door at competitive companies--many of our employees have been hired for an internal position with our Clients.

Job security is important, but so is growth. Repotting with Mackin ensures both. We provide competitive salaries, benefits, paid time off,  and learning resources for our employees. Our people have constant support and a rich environment for new growth.

Article by: 

Ashley Akerberg

Mackin US HR Lead