‘Performance’ is a fairly hot topic under normal circumstances, but now that the world of work has been tail-ended, thanks to the global healthcare crisis, performance and its management is feeling the heat from this seismic shift. Here are Mackin's recommendations on how to implement them to increase your employee's performance and job satisfaction.

The way many of us work transformed in 2020. From remote working to quickly pivoting business models, the events of recent months have accelerated change and revealed the key skills needed to succeed. 


While the lasting impact is yet to be seen, as we prepare for the Future of Work, what is certain is that adaptability and relationships have never been more important. 


Here are our tips to ensure you and your workforce are prepared. 

Since my interview process, on-boarding, getting settled in, and digging in, working for Mackin Talent has been great. In short, they care. Here is My Mackin Journey.