7 Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Find a Job for FREE

If the prospect of sifting through job boards, perfecting your CV/resume, and waiting around for the phone to ring fills you with dread, you should consider working with a recruiter.


When working with a recruiter, you're not completely alone in your job search. Bear in mind that recruiters are hired by the businesses looking for employees. They don't find jobs for people — they find people for jobs. However, there are several perks to being in a recruiter’s talent pool.



Below are seven reasons why you should use a recruiter to land your next job:


  1. It’s FREE

    The company doing the hiring pays the Recruitment Agency for finding candidates that they would like to employ so job seekers can reap the benefits of a Recruiter’s connections, insight, industry knowledge and time for FREE!

  2. It Saves You Time

    Searching and applying for jobs, alongside carrying out your current job and juggling your commitments outside of work, can be a struggle. Recruiters are highly motivated and focused to search high and low to find top talent for their clients, and it’s in their interest to match you with potential roles. They do the hard work for you!

  3. Industry Experts

    The best Recruiters will have their finger on the pulse on the latest industry trends and updates. Understanding the hiring market for your job sector means Recruiters can help manage your salary expectations and advise how competitive the job offer is.

    Working with an experienced Recruiter means they’ll have a good understanding of your skills, qualifications and expertise, and can match these to available job opportunities. Also, they may have previously placed other candidates in the companies you’re looking to work for, giving you insight on what it’s like to work there, from workplace culture to career progression.

  4. Access to a Bigger Network

    Recruiters have large networks and spend a considerable amount of their time making connections and building relationships with companies looking to expand their workforce. By utilising their network for your job search, you aren’t just relying on your own connections. Once a Recruiter has a better understanding of your skills and experience, and what types of roles you are searching for, they may even be able to put you forward for jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet.

  5. Guidance Throughout the Process

    Interviews can be nerve-wracking, and a Recruiter can help you prepare and advise what to expect. They probably already have a strong relationship with the Hiring Manager who will be interviewing you and can share tips on their background and interview style. Whilst they do work for the employer, it’s in their interest to help you perform at your best, and their support and inside knowledge can really make a difference.

  6. Long-term Ally

    A ‘job for life’ is widely accepted as a thing of the past, and due to the competitive nature of the job market, changing jobs every few years is now considered the norm.  According to official statistics, on average workers look to change jobs every 4 years. 

    Recruiters build relationships with candidates and their clients. Staying in touch with your Recruiter can mean they’re up to speed on your career path and aspirations and can help you secure your next role when you are ready to start looking again.

  7. Stay in the Database

    Even if you aren’t successful for the first position you go for, your CV/resume doesn’t get discarded – you’ll stay in the Recruiter’s database and on their radar for future suitable roles. So, even if you aren’t initially hired for the role you’ve applied for – you still have a better chance of securing a great job rather than going it alone.