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Consulting Services

Mackin Talent provides a full list of consulting services that can help identify gaps in current offerings, deepen employee relationships and provide a unique workspace where everyone contributes and achieves. 

A-la-carte Offerings

Below is a summary of our consulting offerings.


Diversity and Inclusion Programs

At Mackin Talent, we don't just talk about diversity and inclusion, we live it. Take a look at our About section, it's easy to see that diversity is a big part of our company culture and we go out of our way to make sure every member of our team, both permanent and contingent employees are included and feel a part of a true team. We can help you implement diversity and inclusion initiatives that will organically accomplish your goals and create a workplace where everyone contributes and achieves.


Onsite Talent Acquisition

Still building out your HR team? No worries, we have dedicated sourcers, recruiters and HR specialists that can help fill in the gaps. Onsite services allow us to truly understand your business needs, identify what positions are necessary and help you plan for future needs. Our specialists are talking to managers, learning about your business needs and goals and working to help you spend your talent budget wisely. When you are ready to bring it all in house, we can train your new HR team and get them ramped up fast.


Learning and Development Programs

One of the top three reasons employees have given for leaving a company is the lack of career development opportunities. Investing in your employees' career doesn't always mean a promotion. It can also mean providing opportunities for them to learn and develop new skills that puts them in a better position to take advantage of opportunities within their current company, when they arise. Having a robust learning and development program can make a direct positive impact on your attrition rate.


Employer Branding

How do candidates view your company? What message are you sending through your current employees, social presence and company reviews?  How are you monitoring your employer brand? All of these things play into not only attracting great talent, but also into attracting customers. Mackin can help define your employer brand and implement strategies for communicating it.


Employee Onboarding

Having a consistent onboarding process protects the integrity of your employer brand, provides all employees with the same training on internal tools and helps to ensure all necessary compliance measures are taken. It gives new employees a great experience coming into the company and gets them excited about being a part of your team, permanent or contingent based. 


Talent Retention

Retaining top talent is getting more and more difficult in today's market. What is important to your employees? What can you do to make sure top talent stays with you long-term and continues to contribute to company success? Mackin Talent can help you navigate these waters and develop solid programs that keep employees engaged and dedicated.


Candidate Journey Mapping

A candidate's journey with your company can be very impactful to the overall success of your hiring strategy. Mapping their journey is the process of understanding and visualizing the pathways that candidates travel, and the touchpoints they meet as they interact with a company's brand. At Mackin Talent, we help companies to optimize this process, resulting in a stellar candidate experience.


Succession Planning

Succession planning is a vital factor in many businesses as it is the process of identifying and addressing future talent gaps in an organization's key roles. Typically, succession planning is conducted to fill future leadership positions as well as other business-critical roles. Having a plan in place helps minimize gaps when someone takes a new position and also helps communicate opportunities to existing employees.

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